Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you are not able to find your question here please feel free to ask us - your question can then be added to this page.

1) Is this site Mobile Phone or PDA enabled?

Yes, we certainly are. The template we use is "Responsive" - meaning it will detect the device you are using and display the pages you visit accordingly - that is the template will "Respond" according to your device.

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2) Do you accept Office visits

Office visits are strictly by appointment only.

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3) What is a "Real" and "Virtual" Network?

A "Real" Network will: Own, Maintain, and run masts and the Infrastructure of the Network.

A "Virtual" Network does not: Own, Maintain, or run masts and Infrastructure - they simply buy air-time in bulk and resell it, or lease from another Real Network.

For more information you might like to read our article Networks Real Or Virtual.

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4) Can the network be changed but I keep my phone number?

Yes, you certainly can.

To keep your existing phone number, but change Network, all that is normally needed is to obtain a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your existing Network Provider.

Once you have got your PAC, call your new Network Provider telling them your PAC number, your mobile number and the Network you are on (Network you are "leaving").

Your new Network Provider may give you a temporary phone number to use while the transfer takes place. This transfer typically takes up to 5 working days - but this can vary from Network-to-Network. Your new Network will tell you what time this should take.


- A charge may be made by your existing Network Provider in order to supply you with a PAC;
- Any unused credit on the Network that you are leaving will most likely be lost (not transferred) - so, use it up before you transfer to the new Network Provider;
- There may be a delay of a few days before your phone number is transferred to your new Network;
- Unlocking your phone from a Network may mean that you experience difficulties in updating your phone software;

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5) I have signal problems - what should I consider?

There are a number of factors - some may be obvious, and others not so obvious:

  • Being within a building;
  • In a valley (dip) with hills around you;
  • Being in a built up area - such as at street level with tall buildings around you;
  • Vicinity (closeness) to masts - the nearest one might be several miles away;

If you are currently on, for example, a Real network where you are experiencing signal problems, and wish to change Network Provider, try to avoid a Virtual Network that is partnered with the Real Network that you wish to leave, and vice versa.

A Virtual network will share the masts and infrastructure of a Real Network, so going from a Virtual to Real network (or Vice Versa) will not resolve a signal issue if both Networks use the same masts and infrastructure.

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6) Does SIMsurprise Offer A Mobile Phone Unlocking Service?

Unfortunately, at present no we do not offer a mobile phone unlocking service ourselves.

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