Appmk Android Magazine Application Maker

Android magazine application maker is a software package which helps you to convert PDF or image files to magazine applications for android-powered devices.

This package also allows you to embed advertisements in magazines to earn a commission fee.

Once you've created an APK in Android magazine app maker, you can publish it online on Android market or your own homepage.


  • Turn PDF or image files into Android applications;
  • Define application icons, application name, package prefix, package name, version code, version name, etc (Package prefix and name will be integrated as the application's unique ID which android markets and android-powered devices can recognize);
  • Move pages up or down to sort them;
  • Page preview function enables you to zoom pages in and / or out to check it more clearly;
  • Save current PDF or image pages list as XML file, when needed, you can quickly load it to continue editing;
  • Export / Import magazines as projects to continue editing in future or on a different computer;
  • Create keystore for android digital certificate;
  • Add Admob ads into Android magazine apps.

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Appmk Android Magazine Application MakerAppmk Android Magazine Application Maker.