Here, would like to present to you the top 10 selling mobile phone handsets for 2018, and the top five selling makes.

The information in this article is provided in good faith - however, depending on where you look, and the methods of data collation / collection, the numbers and positions may vary to one extent or another but on the whole the models and figures below are believed to be accurate.

Whatever list we look at, Apple and Samsung tend to dominate the market in terms of handsets sold.

Firstly we look at the top 10 selling mobile phones by model:

Position Make Model Sales
1 Apple iPhone 8 31.5 Million
2 Apple iPhone X 27.5 Million
3 Apple iPhone 8 Plus 25.6 Million
4 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 25.2 Million
5 Apple iPhone XR 23.1 Million
6 Apple iPhone Xs Max 21.3 Million
7 Samsung Galaxy S9 19.3 Million
8 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 16.1 Million
9 Huawei P20 Lite 16.0 Million
10 Apple iPhone Xs 15.5 Million

And then we can look at the top five selling mobile phone makes (manufacturers) for 2018.

Samsung 295.04 Million
Apple 209.05 Million
Huawei 202.90 Million
Xiaomi 122.39 Million
Oppo 118.84 Million