Some 4G Facts And Fictions De-mystified

In this article brought to you by we hope to help shed some light on 4G.

There are a number of facts, and also some myths - here we hope to De-mystify these and help you better understand what to expect - and what not to expect.

First - and this perhaps will help to explain many facts and myths . . .

4G is a data network - not a call network.

4G is relatively new. As 4G is developed you should be able to see improvements - what is currently a myth may well become fact as 4G is rolled out and improved.

Some aspects of 4G are partly myth - that means it will depend on how you use your mobile phone.

At the time of writing this article the only 4G network provider in the United Kingdom is "Everything Everywhere" - the result of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile, with a believed 60% United Kingdom coverage.

4G will use more of your data allowance - myth

4G does not use any more of your data allowance than its predecessor 3G. If you use your 4G to download data - this data - games, loading of web sites in your mobile browser etc will simply be downloaded faster. 4G is a "speed thing" not a quality thing.

4G will make your mobile phone work faster - this is partly a myth

Only certain functions will work faster - such as downloading data - including loading of websites, music streaming, video streaming.

4G will improve coverage - myth

Being a data network, 4G will give you improved download speeds.

Call signal quality and strength will not be improved.

All smartphones Are 4G Ready - Myth

4G is relatively new - so not all smartphones are ready to use 4G.

However, there are quite a few that are 4G ready.

SIMsurprise expects that over time more and more newly released smartphones will take advantage of being 4G compatible.

Text Messages will be sent quicker - partly a myth

Text messages will not be sent any quicker using 4G than on 3G unless you use Internet based applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber.

4G Will Improve The Quality Of Calls - Myth

4G is a data network. This means you will have faster internet speeds. Call quality and/or signal strength will not be any better using 4G than you already experience while using 3G.

4G Will Have An Effect On Mobile Phone Battery Life - Fact

While this statement is a fact - there is a but !

A 4G handset requires a 4G chip-set - this is inside your mobile phone - part of the electronics.

A 4G chip-set uses greater battery power.

However, a 4G mobile phone handset has a larger battery.

Some reports say that because the 4G handset battery is bigger than a 3G handset battery, that battery life is comparable.

But other reports say that 4G is very "power hungry".

As 4G technology, including 4G handsets, progresses the author of this article expects that as the technological "leaps and bounds" take us forward that the 4G handset battery life will become more acceptable.

Connection Will Be Lost If Going Out Of A 4G Area - Myth

When you go outside of a 4G area your mobile phone will detect a 3G connection and use this instead. When you re-enter a 4G area, your clever mobile phone will then detect a 4G connection and use that connection for internet and internet based applications.

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