Have you ever wanted, or needed, to send the same message - Text message, or Multimedia message, to multiple recipients but been put off by the time consuming or tedious task of sending your message one at a time to each person in your contacts list ?

What is bulk messaging ?

Quite simply - sending the same message to two or more recipients simultaneously.

You might want to send the same message to 2 or several hundred recipients.

Is there a solution for sending bulk messages ?

There are many Bulk Message sending service providers (sometimes referred to as a Gateway) on the Internet - perhaps a search engine search for "send bulk sms and mms messages" will return a good list of available Bulk Messaging Gateways.

Some such gateways offer a free trial so you can test out their services before committing to their pay-for services.

Why use Bulk messaging ?

Quite simply - sending the same message to more than one recipient, one recipient at a time, can be time consuming and tedious.

Sending the same message to more than one recipient simultaneously can be much quicker and less tedious than sending an identical message to several people one person at a time.

Maybe, by entering all the phone numbers into the "send to" box may take time, but this is paid back in having to press the "Send" button once however many phone numbers are in the "Send To" box.

Examples of a message which you might want to send to several people include advising people in your contacts list of your new home or work:

  • Phone number;
  • Postal address;
  • Email address;
  • Website

What can Bulk Messaging be used for ?

Really, anything - including the points raised immediately above - informing people in your contacts list of changes to address, phone number, email address.

From a business perspective, many businesses ask you if they can send you marketing messages to your mobile.

If you have agreed with the business that marketing texts can be sent to your mobile - this is exactly what the business does - sends marketing messages to all subscribers using bulk  messaging services.

How many marketing, or informational, messages do you receive from your mobile phone network provider ?

Bulk messaging is exactly how businesses, such as your network provider, send messages to you. The last message that your network provider sent you, advising you of call or text pricing changes, was probably sent to a few thousand other subscribers to the same network provider not to one subscriber at a time - but to all subscribers simultaneously in bulk.

To send hundreds, or thousands, of such messages one at a time would be so time consuming as to be virtually prohibitive.

Also, if a person, a real live human, were to send the same message to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients one recipient at a time - the boredom and tedium, could well cause a lack of concentration - which has the knock-on effect of simple human error.

With bulk messaging applications, sending such large numbers of messages would be vastly more worthwhile from a time-to-do perspective and reducing the chances of sender (operator) error.

Bulk messaging does not only apply to plain text messages (short messages) but also, Multimedia Messaging, where images can also be sent which perhaps is particularly applicable to Product or Service marketing.


An important point with marketing via mobile phone Text or Multimedia messaging services is that such messages should really only be sent to recipients who have agreed to receive such marketing messages or communications.

Why ?

To avoid possible complaints of sending unsolicited messages, or unsolicited marketing, sometimes referred to as sp*am.

Recipients who agree to receive marketing material on their mobile phone, should also be advised with each text message, or multimedia message, what to do if they wish to stop receiving future texts or multimedia messages - sometimes referred to as an "unsubscribe" or "opt-out" option.