If you are happy with your existing handset you can keep it and only buy a SIM card to take advantage of inclusive call minutes, texts, and data usage that reflect your typical needs..

A SIM-only deal is usually cheaper per month than a contract which includes the handset.

Most, if not all SIM-only deals are for a specific length of time - some are for 1 month - others for 12 months.

If you use very little data, make only a few calls, and send only a few texts each month - you could get a SIM only deal for as little as £5.00p per month.

Or, if you are a heavy user of data for example, you could pay as much as £14.00p per month.

There are deals in-between the above monetary figures where you can select a SIM-only deal that reflects your requirements.

Some deals even let you rollover unused data, minutes, or texts to the following month provided you top-up in that following month - so if you have a "busy" month this sort of deal could be of benefit to you.

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linkMoneySuperMarket.com SIM-only Deals

linkCompareTheMarket.com SIM-only Deals

linkConfused.com SIM-only Deals

linkuSwitch.com SIM-only Deals

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