Using your mobile phone while driving

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Version 1, the short version is quite simple . .

Do not use your mobile phone while driving ! Easy. Simple.

Version 2 - the longer version . . .

It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving a car, van, lorry (HGV), or motorcycle unless you have hands-free access to said mobile phone.

Yes, the law still applies if you are:

  • Stopped at traffic lights;
  • Queuing in traffic;
  • Supervising a learner driver;

The penalties for being caught breaking the law in this matter (as at 29 May 2017) are:

  • 6 Penalty Points;
  • £200 fine;

You can also be taken to court. If this occurs you can; people 2599458 640 Dont opt

  • Be banned from driving;
  • Receive a £1000 Fine (£2500 if driving a lorry or bus);

If you have passed your driving test within 2 years of being caught on your mobile phone, you can:

  • Lose your licence;

The UK Government article is a good one: Mobile phones when driving - the law

Having a Smartphone can be a good idea - so can being Phone Smart.

The Road Safety Charity Brake have a good campaign. Check their following campaign: Be phone smart.

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If your career, income, lifestyle, relationships and anything else relies on looking after your driving licence: