Giffgaff - People Powered - A Mobile Network With A Difference

Perhaps you are reading this article because you have heard of, or know, Giffgaff.

Or alternatively, perhaps you are here because you wonder what a strange word such as Giffgaff is and why this appears on our website.

What is Giffgaff?

Maybe the best place to start is to explain the meaning and definition of Giffgaff.

Giffgaff comes from Scottish Gaelic and is a noun meaning: Mutual Accommodation, Mutual Giving.

The idea of Mutual Giving brought rise to a Virtual Mobile Network which is built upon the spirit of Community.

Giffgaff, while having a degree of Management - as you might expect from any business, is on the whole run by its members - with the philosophy that when the network succeeds the members succeed and vice versa - when the members succeed the network succeed.

As the network succeeds they share the rewards of this success with their members.

This is one major difference between Giffgaff and other mobile network providers who undoubtedly have shareholders who expect a return on their investment.

Their members are the people who use the Giffgaff Mobile Network.

The community is responsible:

  • Through site forums, to help answer member and prospective member questions and any issues that they may have; and
  • To help attract new members.

The knock-on effect is that marketing costs are kept to a minimum, and the large overhead costs such as a call center is reduced as all questions and issues are addressed online - typically through the Giffgaff forum.

Giffgaff can only be found online - no expensive high street shops or offices.

Giffgaff takes notice of their member ideas and concerns and use these ideas and concerns to shape the future of their network - the members network.


  • Listens to members;
  • Rewards members;
  • Is run by their members;
  • Involves their members.


Giffgaff is the recipient of the 2011 Marketing Society "Best New Brand" Award For Excellence.

The above award is as well as being ranked 4th Brand In UK For Social Media in March of 2011.

Giffgaff is a virtual network operating on the O2 "Real" network - O2 has been keen to support the Giffgaff network since the start of Giffgaff on November 25 2009 - clearly O2 are happy to support a network that is operating under different principles that sets them apart from the crowd.

If you would like to know more about Real and Virtual Networks perhaps you would like to read our article Networks Real Or Virtual.