Your LG Cookie KP500 is a sweet little touchscreen phone that is mouth-watering to look at thanks to its curvy shape and optional candy-coloured paint job.

It may be a treat-size mobile, but the Cookie still packs a 3 inch touchscreen and loads of handy features, including a 3 Megapixel camera with video recording.

The display responds nicely to your taps and swipes but there is also an extendable stylus if you want to save your fingers.

The auto-rotate means it is comfortable any way up, either in landscape or portrait, and the motion sensor can be used to play a range of fun games, shaking and turning the phone to control the action on-screen. KP500-BlackLG KP500 Black

Make sure to invest in an LG Cookie screen protector and a durable mobile phone case for your treat-size phone which will keep it looking tasty for much longer.

The LG Cookie has two customisable home-screens, which both come with a range of useful widgets and mini applications.

The home-screens will give you instant access to stuff you need to find quickly like pictures, contacts, email or social networks such as Facebook.

Go online and browse the internet, update your status or send an instant message.

You can also manage your email inbox using your mobile phone.

Allocate a mini speed dial box to each of your eight favourite friends and make calling them a breeze. Do not worry though, there’s space for 1000 people in total in the address book so you will not go short on mates to ring.

The integrated music player can play a range of music files and is easily searchable so you will not have to spend ages tracking down tunes. It simply synchronizes with Windows Media Player on your PC using a USB cable to copy across the songs.

Add to that an MP4 video player, Bluetooth and nifty little organiser and the LG Cookie becomes one of the best value touch screens available. KP500-PinkLG KP500 Pink

Purchase a MicroSD memory card up to 8GB and store tons more music, photos and video clips to enjoy on your tasty new phone.

It might not be a giant Cookie but it is still just as satisfying.

Available in Black or Pink.


  • Calendar;
  • Email;
  • Speakerphone;
  • Internet Browser;
  • GPRS;
  • Bluetooth;
  • WAP;
  • USB;
  • Vibration Alert;
  • Up To 350 Hours Stand-by Time;
  • Up To 3 Hours 20 Minutes Talk Time;
  • MMS; KP500-PurpleLG KP500 Purple
  • SMS;
  • Touchscreen;
  • Camera;
  • FM Radio;
  • Media Player;
  • Memory Card Slot;
  • MP3 Player;
  • MP3 Tones;
  • Photo / Video Editing;
  • Video Recorder;
  • Polyphonic Tones;