Mobile Battery Life - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Battery


More powerful.

The latest feature-packed mobile phones seem to have one major drawback when compared to simple, slightly older models:

They run out of battery power a bit faster.

There is a simple reason for this - there are few limitations on how many features can be packed into the latest and greatest mobile phone.

The rate these features use power means that many of today's smartphone struggle to make it through the day on a single charge - leaving you cursing when you go to make a call and find your pride and joy has become lifeless.

The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

No matter what type of mobile phone you have there are always ways to keep your battery going for longer.

Battery Charging - Myths or facts ?

There are many stories, or rumours (depending on how you wish to view them) regarding when to (or not to) charge your battery.

Only recharge when fully empty ? When part empty/full ?

Really this depends on what materials your battery is made of.

Some materials used are best charged when empty - other materials used make recharging best when part empty.

It is beyond the scope of this article to go through the many different battery constructs.

However - whatever type of battery your mobile phone uses - there are some good tips that you can adopt to help make your battery power last longer.

Top Tips:

Here are our six top-tips to keep your battery lasting longer between charges (in no particular order ). . .

1) Keep cool

Extended exposure to high temperature causes your battery’s life to reduce.

If your mobile phone is getting too hot - a hot sunny day is enough to have an impact - then try cooling the battery down.

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight.

2) Turn off

One of the biggest drains on your mobile phone battery is searching for a signal.

If possible, try to use your phone in areas with good reception – and try turning your phone off if you are traveling through a remote area where the reception is poor.

Conversations that keep cutting out can be a painful experience anyway.

Do you really really need your mobile phone to be turned on when you are asleep ?

When you go to bed - turn your phone off.

3) Disable GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Each of these features uses up battery power - just by being turned on.

If you are not actively using them - which, let’s face it, is quite a lot of the time - make sure they are switched off.

If you forget to turn off your Wi-Fi when you leave your house or office and your mobile phone will continually look for a Wi-Fi connection - using the battery.

4) Reduce Social Networking Updates and eMail Synchronising

Getting Facebook and Twitter notifications delivered to your phone automatically - like push email - uses your battery, so turn notifications off.

Your mobile phone probably checks for emails every few minutes, or if you have got a smartphone that supports push email, checking will be constant.

Every time your phone synchronises, or an email is ‘pushed’ through, your mobile phone uses battery power.

To change the rate of email synchronising or to switch it off, go into the Settings menu of your smartphone and increase the interval your mobile  phone checks email – this can vary from phone to phone, but we would suggest setting it to check every hour.

Or switch off synchronising completely - you can therefore manually check your email as and when you choose and save a sizable chunk of battery life in the process.

Most mobile phones allow you to switch off all synchronising with a simple toggle.

5) Shut Down Applications

Even if you are not using an application it may still be running in the background using the battery power.

Close any applications you are not using.

Do this on an iPhone by double tapping the menu button, pressing the program icon and click the minus button.

On older Android smartphones, you may need a task manager to do this, however newer handsets running Android 4.0+ allow you to pull up a task manager by simply long pressing the home button - you can then go through your open applications and swipe them off screen to close them.

You can even see what applications use the most battery in the settings of your Android smartphone.

6) Go Dim

A big drain on your mobile phone battery is . . .

. . . the screen.

Your new pride and joy may boast a big bright screen - but - the bigger and brighter your screen, the more battery power will be used.

Save battery power by selecting ‘Automatic brightness’ and the screen will adjust the brightness automatically depending on the lighting conditions.

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