Has your mobile phone ever stopped working for no apparent reason ?

Having a mobile phone which stops working can, at best, be very inconvenient and at worst very expensive to repair or replace.

In this article we cover some basics for taking care of your phone to help ensure your phone works when you need it to and to help your phone have a longer lifetime.

Why take care of your mobile phone

- If your phone becomes damaged it may fail to work properly, or even fail to work at all.

- A faulty, or inoperative phone, is of little or no use to you.

- If your phone becomes faulty, or fails to operate, through user neglect, your insurance company may not pay for repairs or replacement.

- Repairs, or replacement, can be very expensive and data can become no longer retrievable.

Things to do to take care of your mobile phone

  • Keep your phone in a case, pouch or phone sock;
  • Do not attempt to access features which your phone does not have - such as the Internet - this can lock up your SIM card, meaning a new SIM card will be needed and you will lose information stored on your locked up SIM card - your card, like people, can only do what they can do, nothing more;
  • Keep your phone dry - phones do not like swimming in the bathroom features, or having a shower in the rain !
  • Protect your phone from dust.

Things not to do with your mobile phone

  • Do not drop your phone - doing so can crack your phone screen or housing or dislodge components such as the battery and / or SIM card;
  • Do not throw your phone - sometimes the phone might be temperamental, but throwing it will only make it worse;
  • Do not paint your phone - paint can make the keys stick, and even react with the construction material of your phone - if you want a different colour, replacement fascias (front and back) can be bought quite cheaply;
  • Do not sit on your phone - it is not a chair;
  • Do not expose your phone to very high or very low temperatures - electronic components behave differently with increased and decreased temperature - electronic components have an optimum temperature operating range;
  • Do not let your phone experience fast changes in temperature - even if within the optimum temperature range - for example from cold to warm (or hot) - this can cause condensation to form inside your phone, corroding joints and shorting out terminals. An example of fast changes in temperature include when entering or leaving a greenhouse or tropical plant or animal enclosure. Or well heated room in your home, or office, to a much cooler room or vice versa;
  • Do not place your phone in a bag with other liquid filled containers, such as drinks, cosmetics, cleaners, paints - these can leak and damage you phone;
  • Do not clean your phone with wet, or dirty, cloths, or while your phone is switched on - if you need to clean your phone use a clean, dry, smooth cloth - a dirty or wet cloth could make your phone even more dirty or suffer the effects of water or damp. A rough cloth can cause scratches;
  • Do not remove the battery, or SIM card, while your phone is switched on - turn your phone off via the menu before opening your phone;
  • Do not let your phone become dusty - dust can enter the inside of your phone via the gaps between your keypad keys preventing the keys from working properly. Dust getting inside the screen can also make your screen difficult to see.

If you follow the do's and don'ts in this article brought to you by SIMsurprise.co.uk you will help your phone to have a long and happy lifetime without any inconvenient, or expensive, surprises.

If you know of any do's or don'ts that we have not covered in this article, please feel free to let us know.

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