Mobile Phone Crime - What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Mobile Phone

According to Liverpool Victoria (LV=)

- Mobile phone theft has risen by 25% in the past three years (2010, 2011,2012);

- Every day 264 mobile phone robberies are reported to the Police;

- Over half of mobile phone thieves are in their teens with some of those caught as young as nine years old;

- Only 1% of stolen mobile phones are ever recovered by the Police

Here at we want you to enjoy the use of your Mobile Phone - all the way from the moment you buy your handset through to the point where you subsequently choose to part with your phone in favour of, perhaps, an upgrade where the enjoyment process continues.

We have a number of articles which is hoped will provide you with some tips and hints that will assist with your safe enjoyment.

Here are some of our existing articles: could probably provide a further half a dozen articles relating to Mobile Phone Crime and the precautions you might consider taking.

However we have found an excellent website which really does cover everything and is presented in such a clear way that the author of this article wants to share the website with you.

The Mobile Phone Crime Unit website has several pages, each with clear easy-to-understand advice and tips.

The NMPCU works closely with the Home Office, telecommunications industry, law enforcement agencies and the financial sector.

Their focus is the reduction of crimes involving the theft or handling of a mobile phone and they gather, develop and disseminate intelligence on Organised Criminal Groups and conduct proactive investigations in line with their agreed priorities.

We recommend that you visit the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit. Commonly referred to as the NMPCU.

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