SIM Card And Mobile Phone Backup And Copying . . .

Have you ever had the misfortune of losing, or damaging, your SIM card or phone ?

Such an event cannot usually happen at a worse possible time or place.

It is frustrating, to say the least, finding that your SIM card, or phone, has been lost, stolen, or damaged, preventing you from accessing your stored contacts.

Your SIM card and phone is a little like your computer data - your data can be backed-up so that you have a copy stored elsewhere.

In the unfortunate event that the storage device is lost or damaged your data can be restored if you have taken precautions in advance.

There are a number of backing up devices available on the market.

However, there are two methods that are quite easy, and as a bonus quite cheap - especially if you have of your own, or have access to, an older Nokia.

  • Install the SIM card that you want to copy into the older Nokia, and turn your older Nokia on;
  • Press "Contact" in the lower right corner;
  • Scroll down to "Copy";
  • Scroll down to "Copy from SIM to phone";
  • Follow the prompts until all the contacts are copied from the SIM to the phone;
  • Switch off your phone;
  • Insert the SIM card that you want the contacts saved to;
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 above;
  • Scroll down to "Copy from Phone to SIM";
  • Follow the prompts until the contacts have been copied to the SIM card.

Job done !

Transferring Contacts from your Phone to SIM card . . .

An alternative, perhaps relating to the not so older Nokia (but maybe not so new Nokia either), for example the Nokia 2600, where your contacts are stored on your Nokia telephone . . .

  • Select "Menu";
  • Select "Contacts";
  • Scroll down to "Copy";
  • Select "From Phone to SIM card";
  • Follow any prompts;
  • The contacts stored on your phone are now on your SIM card.

Job done !

Transferring Contacts from your SIM card to Phone . . .

From your SIM card to perhaps the not-so-old Nokia (for example the Nokia 2600):

  • Insert the SIM into your phone;
  • Select "Menu";
  • Select "Contacts";
  • Scroll down to "Copy";
  • Scroll down to, and select "From SIM card to phone";
  • Follow any prompts;
  • The contacts stored on your SIM card are now stored on your Phone.

Job done !

Choosing whether to store Contacts on your SIM card or telephone can be a difficult choice.

Perhaps one factor to consider is Memory space - the more contacts you have perhaps they should be stored on which ever out of your SIM card and Phone has the greatest amount of memory for Contacts.

Following the above steps will of course allow you to copy your contacts from one SIM card to another SIM card.

Simply copy from one SIM card to your phone, and then using your second SIM card transfer from the Phone to SIM card - you now have two SIM cards with the same Contacts list.

The benefits of copying from SIM card to phone, or vice versa, not only benefits you if or when a card or phone becomes damaged, but also if you regularly change your phone but keep your SIM card then the Contacts are on your SIM.

Alternatively, if you keep your contacts on your Phone, if you regularly change your SIM card then you do not have to re-enter your contacts.

Although mentioned above are the methods used for Nokia phones, many phones use a similar routine by going through your phone menu. We have used Nokia as an example in this article because the author uses a Nokia 2600.

Can I back-up, or copy, my mobile phone SIM card to a computer ?

Yes. It is possible to do a number of things by connecting your SIM card to a laptop or desktop computer.

Available are USB SIM card readers.

There are many on the market.

Typically, you will connect your USB SIM card reader to any available USB port on your laptop or desktop computer with your SIM card removed from your phone and placed into the USB SIM card reader.

A typical device is the USB SIM Card Manager - with this it is possible to edit data via your laptop or PC, explore information on your SIM card, read telephone numbers and names from your laptop or PC, import and export Lotus Notes or Microsoft outlook contacts to and from your SIM card.

It is possible to copy not only your your contacts to your personal computer but also your text messages, call list, photos, video files, audio files, and iBooks from your sim card, or handset.

To read about some specific packages, you might like to visit our Tools category where we have a list of all packages available.

Business Tip

If your SIM card, or phone handset, includes business data, such as client or colleague phone numbers, appointment times stored as a text message, or general text messages to/from clients and colleagues, backing up or having a copy of your sim card or phone handset data could be very important in the event that this data is lost from your phone handset or sim card.


If you plan on obtaining a USB SIM card reader ensure that it is compatible with your laptop or PC operating system.

We hope you have found this information from useful.

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