In this short article SIMsurprise tells you a little about how to view your phone and SIM card memory usage.

Your contacts can be stored on either your phone handset or your SIM card.

Whether stored on your handset or SIM card there is usually a limit to the number of contacts that can be stored.

The author of this article uses a Nokia 2600 phone so here the procedure for checking available and used memory is for the Nokia 2600, although other handsets may well use a similar procedure.

How do I check memory usage on my mobile phone ?

Using the Nokia 2600 . . .

  1. Select "Menu" button;
  2. Select "Contacts" option;
  3. Scroll down to, and select: "Settings";
  4. Scroll down to, and select: "Memory Status";
  5. The first set of data here tells you the memory status of your phone: how many Contact spaces are free, and how many are in use. For the Nokia 2600 these two numbers should total 200;
  6. Selecting the Down button will tell you the memory status of the SIM card: how many contact spaces are free and how many are in use. Again, these two numbers, for the Nokia 2600, will total 200.

If you are unsure of which memory, phone or SIM card, you are using or if you want to change which memory you are using, for the Nokia 2600 follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Menu" button;
  2. Select: "Contacts";
  3. Scroll to, and select: "Settings";
  4. Scroll to "Memory in use" - at this point you will see in the bottom right hand corner of your screen which memory you are currently using - this will either be "SIM card" or "Phone".

How do I change the memory used on my mobile phone ?

To change which memory you are using, at point 4 above, press the "Select" button;

Here you will be given both options available:

  • SIM card;


  • Phone;

Using the Up ^ or Down V key, on your keypad, scroll to SIM card, or Phone, as appropriate to which memory you wish to use, then press "Select".

You have now set the memory that will be used for your Contacts List: SIM card, or phone.

Your Contacts List is not the only application which uses memory.

Many phones such as iPhones and Smartphones use your phone memory to run various applications such as games, and other applications. hopes that you have found this article useful.