A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a card used in Mobile Telephones and is about the size of a SD (Secure Digital) memory card.

The SIM card contains a unique telephone number, and is inserted into your mobile telephone where it can be used, in addition to the handset memory, to store a Telephone Directory (Telephone Numbers), text messages (sent, received, drafts etc), and also to link calling charges to your number, for example how much prepaid credit is available for your mobile number.

SIMsurprise.co.uk, specializes in supplying the end-user market with United Kingdom Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM cards.

This means that you are not tied in to a network for a fixed monthly fee (Contracts) whether or not you use your telephone during the billing period. Apart from a minimum number of chargeable calls which varies from network to network you typically only need make one chargeable call per 90 days. For some networks the time scale is 180 days. To be sure, check with your network provider.

Please do check with your current, or intended, Network Provider to ascertain the minimum number of chargeable calls you need to make, and over what time period these calls need to be made in order for your SIM card to remain connected to the network.

If you do not make the required number of chargeable calls within the allocated time period your SIM may be disconnected from the Network even if you have a credit balance allocated to your SIM card.

Why do Networks use this policy ?

  1. Because SIM cards cost a lot to produce - usually more than the end-user pays for it -  the Network(s) recoup the production cost though call/text charges;
  2. Phone numbers available are a finite (limited) quantity. If a SIM card (therefore phone number) is not used for a certain time it is possible that the number is not being used at all anymore by the original registrant - to free up this number it will be allocated to a new SIM card for someone else to use.

Please refer to the Facts List below and corresponding Facts Explained. Clicking on a fact from the list will take you directly to the appropriate explanation. However, we would of course like it if you scrolled down and read all of the facts explained.

Please note that the images used on SIMsurprise.co.uk are for general illustrative purposes - pack appearance quite often changes at short notice.

While always endeavouring to provide current/up-to-date images, the pack you receive may be visually different to that shown on SIMsurprise. You will however always receive the SIM Card pack applicable to the network you have ordered.

What you will receive from SIMsurprise is a complete pack with SIM card and helpful printed information - not just the lone / solitary SIM card which you would have to search high and low for in an envelope !

Facts Explained:

1) Expiry Dates:

Please note that you must:

  • Register your SIM card with the Network provider;
  • Apply a credit top-up;
  • Make regular chargeable calls - typically a minimum of one chargeable call every 90 days.

Otherwise your SIM card may not be usable after a certain date. Please remember to register and top-up as soon as possible. (NB. registering the Sim Card without topping up and making a chargeable call does not overcome the expiry date issue).

This is to free up SIM Cards / telephone numbers that after a certain length of time are considered as not being actively used.

When a SIM Card makes an active event (such as making a call), the SIM Card then has, typically, 90 days of validity left. For some networks the timescale is 180 days. Unless it is used and topped-up before the 90 (or 180) day expiry period it may be disconnected and useless after this.This does vary between different network providers.

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2) Handsets:

When inserting these SIM Cards into a branded phone or locked to another network, the handset may need to be unlocked by a local independent dealer.

Prices vary but typically can be £5.00 - £10.00p.

For some of the older Nokia mobile phones, these can be unlocked online for no cost. Some of the latest Nokia mobile phones are not easily unlocked.

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3) Numbers:

You should be aware that at all times the SIM Card itself and its phone number remains the property of the Network.

You are paying for a service - the connection pack.

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4) Number Checking:

Most Sim Cards have the number printed on the packaging. Although Orange and Vodafone do not do this.

If you need to know the mobile number there is a telephone number you can call from your mobile to find out the number attached to your SIM Card however this will set the 90 days running on most networks.

Therefore unsealed packs can give problems - they may already have been used and be near the end of the 90 days. All of our packs are sealed.

The appropriate phone number to call to find out your phone number attached to your SIM card is usually included with the SIM Card pack booklet/information sheet.

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5) Faulty Sim Cards:

We have never had any faulty SIM Cards, but if you do find your SIM is faulty and need to keep your number, you must contact the network directly.

Before claiming a SIM card is faulty, please ensure you are using a SIM in a handset that is not locked to a different network.

Please also ensure that the SIM Card you are purchasing is compatible with your handset prior to purchase.

In the unlikely event that your SIM card is faulty, we will of course exchange it.

Please note that Orange and CPW SIMs are not active until registered at the network, so they will not find a signal before this.

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6) Loaded Credit And Offers:

Please note, all of our products are official products and are delivered with the standard credit and offers.

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7) Tariffs:

Please be aware that Networks change their available tariffs on a regular basis. Any tariffs shown by Us are as up to date as available but are subject to change without prior notice.

You can only connect your SIM to a tariff available on the day the SIM is fully activated.

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Article written by: T. Austin, www.SIMsurprise.co.uk

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