Remember the days when a Mobile phone was the size of a house brick ? And probably weighed as much as a house brick as well ?

Here in this brief article, brings you a simplified timeline of the evolvement of the telephone.

motorola-dynatac-8000xMotorola Dynatac 8000 x1835: Samuel Morse made the first Electro-Telegraph using a magnet.

1838: Samuel Morse developed what became known as Morse Code – a series of dots and dashes.

1876: Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call – between Brantford and Paris, Canada – a distance of approximately 6 miles.

1885: American Telephone & Telegraphy Company (AT&T) is formed.

1906: Lee de Forest, an engineer, made the first transmitted message to an experimental telephone.

1912: The first commercial telephone calls were made in the United Kingdom via the General Post Office.

1927: First rotary dial service used.

1946: AT & T introduces the Mobile Telephone Service in the USA. First commercial mobile telephone call.

1956: Ericsson (Sweden) developed the first automatic mobile telephone system.

1983: Cellnet and Vodafone were granted licenses to provide cellular radio networks in the United Kingdom.

1991: The first Global Standard for Mobile (GSM) call was made on May 1st.

1994: Orange Network launched. Small Message Service launched.

1999: Users could keep their existing Phone number when changing network. First mobile was able to send email and access the World Wide Web (the Internet). The first Virtual Mobile Phone Network in the United Kingdom as set up by Virgin Mobile.

2007: Asda Mobile launched in April.

Present: We now have Picture Telephones (in-built camera), Video Messaging, Emailing, Internet Browsing. The modern mobile telephone is vastly more versatile, and discreet, than in the days when they were the size and weight of a house brick.