Radiation can be a complex subject which a website, like a book, can dedicate its entire content on explaining.

The intention of this article brought to you by SIMsurprise.co.uk is to explain a little about radiation and the potential impact that Mobile Phones can have on radiation related issues.

This article is not intended as a thesis for a doctorate, or even a much lesser degree, so my apologies now if such an in-depth article is what is expected.

The author's intention is to keep this explanation relatively simple.

What is Radiation ?

Radiation is the transfer of energy through the air in the form of particles or waves.

We are exposed to it everywhere, everyday - heat, light, radio signals, television signals, x-rays, radar.

Different forms of radiation have different properties and "abilities" - some can penetrate material easily, other forms will not penetrate material as easily.

What kind of radiation do Mobile Phones use ?

Mobile phones use radio waves and signals transmitted through the air.

This radiation has the ability to penetrate material objects - such as walls and windows - however, the thicker the material object the more difficult it will be for the radio waves to penetrate that material.

Also, the construction and density of the object has an effect on penetration ability - for example paper, wood, brick / stone, or steel. Thin or thick - fractions of an inch, inches, or feet thick.

Can mobile phone radiation penetrate the human body ?

Simply - yes.

However, this does not make Mobile Phone radiation unique - x-rays, radar waves, television waves, and other perhaps more "conventional" radio waves - such as those used to receive your local radio station are in the air around us all day, everyday, everywhere - in our home, office, in the street, in our car, in the bus, on the train - as well as the radio waves used to transmit Mobile Phone messages and calls.

Are there Health Risks associated with Mobile Phone Radiation ?

Mobile phones and radiationOfficial research and studies give conflicting results, but in the opinion of the author, isolating ourselves from such radiation is virtually an impossibility.

Does it actually have a risk ?

Again - research is conflicting as to whether or not any harm is done, and if so, how much harm - there are hundreds of ifs, buts, and variables.

When non-conflicting research substantiates, or proves, harm, it is the author's opinion that Governments will legislate rather than rely on voluntary codes of practice for Mobile Service Providers and Mobile Phone manufacturers.

What precautions can be taken if concerned about mobile phone radiation ?

Taking precautions is always a wise step.

If we spend too much time in the sun - we get sunburned - yet avoiding the sun completely can have a negative effect.

Why ?

Sunlight is essential for the body to produce Vitamin D.

What the author is saying here is that while there are possible risks, we can still enjoy the benefits of what is available to us without exposing ourselves to excessive danger.

If you are concerned about possible radiation effects, the following steps can be taken:

  • Keep calls to a minimum - both in terms of call quantity and call length;
  • Use a hands-free kit to keep your mobile phone further away from your body than when speaking with your mobile phone at your ear;
  • Send text messages - this process keeps your phone further away from your body than when speaking with your mobile phone at your ear;
  • If concerned about the effect of radiation on your children - teach them these tips.

Concerned ?

If you have any concern about mobile phone radiation causing a new medical condition, or antagonising an existing medical condition, the author recommends that you seek advice from a Registered Medical Practitioner.


Mobile Phones send radiation out through radio waves.

Research into the effects of mobile phone radiation has been somewhat contradictory.

Using your Mobile Phone in moderation, and taking precautions if concerned about the effects of radiation, will help you to make the most of your Mobile Phone without letting conflicting research and reports effect your enjoyment.

There is a paperback book available Impress Your Cat: Know About Mobile Phones and Their Safety which may be found interesting and informative.

This book explores the risks of using mobile phones, including a look at the current evidence of the brain tumour link as well as looking at the dangers of using mobile phones in cars.

The book includes an explanation of how a typical mobile phone system works and discusses some future trends.