Your Nokia C2-01 is a modern mobile phone that you will feel instantly familiar with.

By combining a traditional design with powerful features and Facebook integration, Nokia C2-01 makes it easier to stay productive on the move and connected to your family and friends.

With its light, slim, design and large, comfortable keys, the Nokia C2-01 is a traditional mobile phone that looks and feels great to use.

The bright 2 inch screen is easy to view and very bright and clear.

3G internet is faster than standard GPRS which you may be used to from previous mobile phones.

Your Nokia C2-01 lets you access websites faster and enjoy online content more easily.

If your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues are all on Facebook you can easily follow Facebook updates, join in conversations, and stay in touch with Nokia C2-01.

When you buy a Nokia C2-01 you get allocated a free Ovi Mail email account by Nokia which you can use to send and receive messages.

You can also add your existing Hotmail or Gmail account to your mobile phone as well as send and receive instant messages with Nokia Messaging.

Your Nokia C2-01 has a 3.2 MegaPixel camera so you can easily snap photos and take videos wherever you are - just by pressing the camera shortcut.

You can edit your photos, view a slideshow of your pictures on your phone, upload your pictures to Facebook, or send them to friends via email attachment and MMS.

If you need a modern mobile that is very easy to use and full of handy features then the Nokia C2-01 is a great choice.

There is no touchscreen to get to grips with - just a comfortable keypad with generously sized keys, and a bright, crisp, display that is a pleasure to view.


  • Email;
  • Internet Browser;
  • Speakerphone;
  • Windows PC Compatible;
  • Calendar;
  • GPRS;
  • 3G;
  • USB;
  • WAP;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Up To 456 Hours Stand-by Time;
  • Up To 4 Hours And 30 Minutes Talk Time;
  • SMS;
  • MMS;
  • Vibration Alert;
  • Tri-Band;
  • Instant Messaging;
  • 3.2 MegaPixel Camera;
  • Memory Card Slot;
  • Media Player;
  • MP3 Tones;
  • MP3 Player;
  • FM Radio;
  • Photo / Video Editing;
  • Polyphonic Tones;
  • Integrated Social Networking;