What goes around comes around.

If you are seriously considering disposing of your mobile phone handset, maybe the thought of environmentally friendly disposal could also be considered.

Your mobile phone construction includes substances, such as plastics and toxins which can take many years to degrade when buried in the ground (landfill) and can pollute the ground in the process of degradation.

The battery also contains chemicals which can be harmful to the environment.

Tip 1:

According to CompareMyMobile.com, five years ago the average mobile phone was recycled for £20.00p.
This year the average mobile phone is recycled for £105.00p.

Tip 2:

Recycling your unwanted phone can be a positive, pro-active, approach to helping to protect your environment and even make you some money in the process.

How ?

By recycling your working phone, no matter how old the phone is, the phone could be used by someone else who is on a limited budget and requiring minimal features. Recycle your mobile unused mobile phoneRecycle your unused mobile phone

If your phone is not working, but repairable, there is the possibility that the phone could be repaired and then re-used.

If your broken phone is not repairable, some components could be salvaged for re-use.

This is good because it means that less new components need to be manufactured - less manufacturing = less production line waste which in itself contributes to environmental waste.

Mobile Phone Recycling ideas

Some charitable organizations are able to take your unwanted phone off your hands, and then send the phone for recycling.

Or, if your unwanted phone is working, the charity can re-sell the phone. This allows you to support your favourite charity and help protect your environment.

Alternatively, there are a growing number of phone recycling businesses to be found on the Internet.

These online phone recycling business websites typically include on their website the facility to input your phone make and model.

This then tells you how much the site is prepared to offer to pay you for your phone.

If the price is acceptable to you, the website will typically then send you a postage-paid, pre-addressed, packet to put your phone into and post back to them.

Once the website has received your phone they will send you your payment.

Another potential use for recycled mobile phones is that some insurance companies will use recycled phones when settling a claim on a "like-for-like" basis.

Good News:

Choose an on-line phone recycler and you can be paid for your old, or non-working, phone.
The business will then repair, recycle, or salvage parts from, your unwanted phone.
Good for the environment and your wallet.

Recycling your mobile phoneOf course, consideration for the environment can be applied if, or when, you are looking to buy a mobile phone


By considering the purchase of a repaired, or reconditioned, mobile phone.

Many mobile phone retailers also have a reconditioned phones section, or department.

Repaired, or reconditioned, mobile phones, like many appliances, can be bought for a lower price than a brand new, never used, model. These can also carry a warranty which may or may not be a standard full length warranty that is typically offered for a brand new, unused, mobile phone - for example you may get a 6 month warranty, or even a full 12 month warranty.

So buying a repaired or reconditioned mobile phone - cheaper, warrantied, and helping to protect the environment.

Side Note:

Protecting your personal data from falling into the wrong hands is important.
Before sending your mobile phone for recycling, deleting all data stored in your handset memory such as your Contacts, Text Messages and Call List(s) would be prudent as any new owner, or intermediary, could gain access to this data.
Also, if any SIM card is no longer needed, delete data such as Contacts, Text messages, and Call list(s) that are stored in your SIM card memory and then cut the SIM card.

O2 Recycle is a Mobile Phone handset recycling facility offered by the O2 network - we are pleased to have teamed up with them, and to promote their recycling services.

Currently, O2 Recycle are offering a "Price Match" promotion.

What does the O2 Price Match promotion mean?

Quite simply this - if you see the item you have sent to O2 Recycle to recycle, advertised for a higher price on Mazuma or Envirofone within 7 days of placing your order with O2 Recycle, O2 Recycle could check it out and match it for you.

The offer lasts until the end of September but O2 Recycle are already looking to extend this time period.

O2 Recycle offer a reliable mobile phone handset recycling service and promise to recycle all of their gadgets in a responsible way and any profits that come from O2 Recycle are channeled directly into O2 Recycle's Think Big programme.

To find out more you might like to visit O2 Recycle Price Match.

Or perhaps you would like to simply check out O2 Recycle

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