Mobile Phone Ringtones - separating you from the crowd

Early Mobile Phones were cumbersome and basic - although perhaps their function was simply to make and receive phone calls - keeping in touch while on the move. In this respect they were simply functional.

As technology has progressed, in leaps and bounds, so too has the functions offered by mobile phones.

Perhaps, with technology, it can sometimes be a little difficult to make our technological devices personal, ours, mine, unique - different among the crowd.

In this article brought to you by we offer you a introduction to Ringtones, what they can be used for, and the basic methods of getting them onto your Mobile Phone.

Of course, installing your own ringtone on your phone can go a little way towards making your phone unique to you - yours, different from the crowd.

How different ringtones can be used

When you obtained your mobile phone there is a good chance that it came with pre-installed ringtones - sounds, tunes, and melodies, that your phone will play when you receive a text message or an incoming call.

From the pre-installed sounds, tunes, melodies, you can choose which from the list is played when you receive a text message or incoming phone call.

One sound, tune, or melody can be selected for text messages, and a different one for incoming calls.

Assigning mobile phone ringtones

Going one step further, it is possible for you to assign a unique ringtone to one or more members of your contacts list.

For example, you might want a ringtone, tune, or melody, that immediately lets you know your boss is calling without having to look at your phone display to see who is calling.

Or, perhaps you want a unique ringtone, tune or melody, when a special family member is calling.

The remaining calls (contacts) can all use a different ringtone, tune, or melody, than that assigned to special contacts.

Obtaining additional ringtones

How many times have you been on the move, shopping, or on a social evening with your friends - you hear a phone ringing, or a text message alert - everyone looks for their mobile phone - the author does it and sees it !

Many people leave their mobile phone ringtone set to the default ringtone, tune, or melody.

It is possible to download additional ringtones, tunes and melodies to your phone.

You can now, hopefully, have a ringtone, tune or melody, that no-one else in the shopping mall, arcade, or pub has - you hear the ringtone - wouldn't it be good to know that this can only be your phone ringing ?

There are a number of ways to download additional ringtones, tunes, or melodies to your mobile phone.

  • SMS - ringtones can be sent to your phone via SMS - Short Message Service - simply put, via text message:
  • Bluetooth;
  • WAP - Wireless Application Protocol;
  • Via your personal computer, or laptop, using a data cable.

There are many ringtone websites from which you can choose and download a ringtone.

Two points to perhaps bear in mind:

  1. That the ringtone you want to download is in the correct format for your Mobile handset;
  2. There may be a charge for making the download.

Why might there be a download charge ?

If you choose a song, or tune, there might be royalties payable to the composer.

The same way that when you buy a CD in a shop - Royalties will be paid from that sale to the Artist.

What ringtones are available for download

The ringtones, tunes, and melodies, that are available for download are many - hundreds, if not thousands.

Ranging from song tracks - pop, classical, and rock.

Movie themes.


Football team chants.

Perhaps the best way to find what is available as a ringtone, conduct a search engine search for "X Y Z as a ringtone" - (or similar search) substituting X Y Z as the title of your proposed ringtone, where X Y Z can be a song, track, movie (film) title, or quotation.

Make your own ringtones, tunes, melodies

Perhaps you consider yourself to be good at composing, or simply want to try your hand at composing.

Some handsets have the facility for you to compose your own ringtone, tune or melody.

For example, on the Nokia 1661:

  1. Select the Menu button;
  2. Select: Extras;
  3. Select: Composer;
  4. Start composing by pressing your keypad keys - enjoy ! hopes that this article has given some "food for thought" and helps to make your Mobile Phone more personal and unique - and helps your mobile phone to develop a personality that stands out from the crowd !

If you are interested in obtaining a software package that can be used to assist in creating your own ringtones, a number of software packages are available.

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