The SmartBell - A Combination Of Four Humble Technologies Into One

A teenage schoolboy has devised an ingenious device which combines the functionality of four humble devices into one.

Combining the technology of the Sim Card, Mobile Phone, Door Bell, and Intercom, the teenager has devised a prototype "SmartBell".

While we hope to bring you more details in the near future, we are able to provide the basic principles of operation of the SmartBell.

The SmartBell system comprises a doorbell which, is as usual, mounted on the outside of your front door where perhaps your existing doorbell is situated.

The external doorbell unit contains the usual doorbell press-button, as well as a microphone and speaker - similar to an intercom.

Inside your property is the "control box" which will have, among other control and operational features, a switch which you can set to either "Home" or "Away". While you are at home you can set the switch to "Home" and when you go out the switch can be set to "Away".

While set to "Home" your doorbell functions as you might already expect - the doorbell button is pressed by a visitor, and inside your home you hear the "BingBong" or whatever other melody is set for doorbell operation which tells you that there is a visitor.

The interior control box also contains a in-built Sim card with mobile telephone technology.

The interior control box can be programmed to call a specific mobile telephone number - this number can be changed by use of the control box keypad.

Upon setting to call a mobile telephone number, the control box will send a sms text message to the mobile phone number to confirm that the mobile number is set to receive SmartBell phone calls.

When the interior control box switch is set to "Away" upon a visitor pressing your doorbell a signal is sent to your mobile telephone which in turn then rings - as you might expect from a normal incoming telephone call.

Your mobile phone is now ringing and you answer the call as you would a "normal" call - the only difference now is that the caller you are speaking to is the visitor at your front door.

Yourself and your visitor are able to speak to each other in real-time.

The SmartBell is designed in such a way that the visitor at your front door hears background noise that may be typical of household noise believing that they are speaking to you while you are inside your home. Perhaps a washing machine,  or kettle, or tumble drier.

This type of "Noise" is often referred to as "White Noise".

So what are the advantages of this SmartBell?

The advantages are many and varied.

An example given by the device designer is that he (or his family) was expecting a parcel delivery but there was no-one present when the parcel delivery was attempted - you may know the feeling of arriving home and the parcel or important letter which was sent by recorded delivery was not left because a signature was required and you have the familiar red card on your door mat "Sorry you were out when we attempted to deliver your item . . ."

With such a SmartBell when the postman (or postwoman) arrives, wherever you are you can speak to the post-person.

Also, perhaps the SmartBell can be used to deter potential unwanted visitors - an unwanted visitor can believe that he, or she, is speaking to a person who is at home instead of this being an empty home and potentially visited for one or more of many unacceptable reasons.

Even if you are at home, you can still set the SmartBell to "Away" - Why would you wish to do this ?

Perhaps the occupant of the property is elderly, frail, or unwell - the mobile number programmed into the interior control box could perhaps be the mobile phone number of a neighbour, close friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, etc who will then speak to the visitor as if it is they who are inside the property.

If the visitor is someone of good repute then the neighbour, son. daughter, friend etc can perhaps come around to open the door to the visitor, or even phone the householder's phone to explain to the householder someone legitimate is at their door.

The SmartBell designer is believed to be seeking a Mobile Network Provider who can provide the air-time (talk-time) for the mobile phone calls to be carried across their network - a potentially lucrative deal for a Mobile Network Provider.

Where can the SmartBell be bought from?

At this stage the author of this article believes that retail outlets are still to be found and negotiated.