In this article SIMsurprise explores the significance, value, and term applied to various Mobile Phone Numbers.

A phone number, just like your car registration number, can be special to you for a variety of reasons - each reason perhaps as unique as you the user is unique.

In addition to the code at the beginning of your phone number, typically 5 digits, the remainder of your phone number, typically contains 6 digits.

Each of these six digits could be any apparently random digit from 0 to 9.

Perhaps though, to make your number more memorable or meaningful to you, each digit could combine to make a digitised date, for example your date of birth.

If March 31st 1973 is significant to you, having the phone number 07*** 310373 (31 03 73) could have sentimental value to you, and also be easy for you to remember.

Maybe if you are an avid James Bond fan, or your business trades in James Bond memorabilia, the phone number 07*** 007 007 might be an attractive one to have associated with your business.

Perhaps aeroplanes are your hobby or business - 07*** 747 737 could be attractive to you.

Or, you run a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year business: 07*** 247 365 might be an apt number.

The six digits that make up the main body of your Phone Number could be made up as:

  • Repeating group of three. For example: 07*** 259 259;
  • Doubles. For example: 07*** 88 44 77;
  • Two digit repeating; 07*** 30 30 30;
  • Single digit sequential (ascending or descending): 07*** 345 678, 07*** 876 543;
  • Two digit sequential (ascending or descending): 07*** 28 29 30, 07*** 30 29 28;
  • Three digit sequential (ascending or descending): 07*** 345 346, 07*** 346 345;
  • Same digit repeating. 07*** 777 777

The last example above, same digit repeating, is an example of the "high end" in terms of value, or prestige.

Terminology for Special Numbers:

Special numbers are often given a term - many of these terms are used by different authors in reference to, and meaning, effectively the same theme of Special Numbers.

These terms are:

  • Gold Number(s);
  • Silver Number(s);
  • Platinum Number(s);
  • Bronze Number(s);
  • Diamond Number(s);
  • Metallic number(s).

If available, that is the number is not being used by someone, the number can sometimes be requested from a network.

Alternatively, there are a number of online vendors who offer special numbers for sale.

The price commanded depends, generally, on whether the number is special in terms of user sentimentality, or if the number is a single digit repeating, or sequential (ascending or descending).

A phone number that is of personal sentimental value - perhaps reflecting your birthday, or date of marriage, can be bought for relatively little, perhaps £10.00 - £30.00.

At the other end of the scale however, sequential, or repeating, phone numbers such as:

  • 07*** 123 456;
  • 07*** 987 654;
  • 07*** 555 555.

could each command a price of £1500.00 (one thousand five hundred GB Pounds) or more. The author of this article has seen asking prices in excess of £3500 (Three and a half thousand GB Pounds).

Other number ideas:

  • 07*** 10 00 00, 07*** 20 00 000, 07*** 30 00 00, etc.

The numbers used in this article are intended to be examples only - asterisks are used so that any user has their privacy respected and is not intended to be indicative of number availability.

In this article we have concentrated on the six digits after the five code digits.

Of course it is possible to combine code digits that make the overall number extra unique - we shall let your imagination boggle with all the possibilities.

If you would like a specific number that is of sentimental value to you, or matches with your business niche - we hope you find it.

Business Ideas

Try to obtain a phone number that has a connection with your business. For example a James Bond memorabilia sales outlet might find 07**** 007 007 appropriate - easy for you and your customers to remember.

You might be able to obtain consecutive phone numbers, for example 07**** 346 234, 07*** 346 235 and 07*** 346 236 etc to be a handy combination for your staff.

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