DisclosureFrom time to time SIMsurprise.co.uk accepts paid content from third parties.

This Disclosure Statement explains what form(s) paid content may take.

This Disclosure Statement also tells You where we do have, or may have an additional interest.

Third party content can take various forms, including, but not limited to:

  • Articles;
  • News;
  • Advertising;

Such content might involve simsurprise.co.uk receiving a financial benefit.

Offers made to simsurprise.co.uk to include paid content such as Article(s), News, and/or Advertisement(s), will have no influence over whether or not simsurprise.co.uk accepts the content, or endorses the Company, Person(s), Product(s) or Service(s) which are the focus of the paid content.

Certain categories of advertising, such as gambling related, alcohol related, tobacco/smoking related, and "adult" related, have been expressly refused a place on Our Site.

Where the content is advertising, we currently participate in the following programs where we receive financial compensation:

  • Google AdSense - As far as is reasonably practicable we endeavour to show you advertisements which relate to the content of our website and/or the content of the page that you are viewing. Such advertisements are for third party websites promoted by Google (including AdChoices advertisements);
  • Affiliations / Advertising - From time-to-time We promote a variety of Products, and/or Services on Our Site. Such Affiliations / Advertisements include, but is not limited to:
    • Amazon Associates (As an Amazon Associate, SimSurprise.co.uk earns from qualifying purchases)
    • Google Advertising (AdSense)
    • Google Internet Search;
  • SIMsurprise.co.uk Advertiser Program - From time-to-time We offer our own site specific Advertising Program which allows Advertisers to create advertisements for their own Product(s), Service(s), and/or Website(s) and place this/these advertisement/s at specific positions on specific pages of SIMsurprise.co.uk

If a site visitor selects an advertisement on simsurprise.co.uk, this advertisement may take you to a third party website and simsurprise.co.uk may be paid a fee for the referral, or a fee for the visitor purchase of the third party Service and/or product.

T Austin and simsurprise.co.uk is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk

If an Advertiser is part of our own Advertising Program, the Advertiser may have paid simsurprise.co.uk a fixed fee for the advertising space.

Where a Site visitor conducts a Google search using the "Search Google" box located on Our Site and then subsequently selects a link, We may receive a financial benefit, from Google, for the visitor selecting the link(s) that appeared in the User's search results.

The domain registrant for the domain of this website is also the Registrant for other similar domain names.

This Website is hosted using the domain: simsurprise.co.uk

The Domain registrant for simsurprise.co.uk is also the registrant of the following domains which redirect as indicated:

Domain Redirects to
simsurprise.uk simsurprise.co.uk
sim-surprise.uk simsurprise.co.uk
simsurprise.com simsurprise.co.uk
sim-surprise.com simsurprise.co.uk
sim-surprise.co.uk simsurprise.co.uk

Other Internet Interests

The operator of SimSurprise.co.uk also operates the following domains / websites for which there is promotional material on this website.

Neither SimSurprise.co.uk nor the listed domains / websites here receive any financial benefit from traffic between the websites / domains.


Disclosure Statement Review

This Disclosure Statement will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains reflective of current activities.

A review does not neccessarily mean any changes have occurred.

If changes take place the date of the changes will be mentioned in the next section of this Disclosure Statement.

This Disclosure Statement was last reviewed on: 17th June 2021.

Disclosure Statement Updates

Any Disclosure Statement update date below is the date of factual/content updates/changes only and does not include purely cosmetic changes.

This Disclosure Statement was last updated with one or more factual / content change on: 06th October 2021.

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