2012 To Possibly See The Introduction of 4G.

Auctions conducted by OfCom in 2012 may be the most significant for over a decade as frequencies in the 2600MHz (2.6GHz) band are believed to be included.

OfCom auctions in 2012 may be including the 2600MHz (2.6GHz) frequency band for the introduction of 4G services by Mobile Network Operators.

4G is to be the successor to current 3G services and 3G's predecessor 2G services.

Auction winners will be granted licenses to operate using the frequencies that they have bid for.

Frequencies in the 2600Mhz (2.6Ghz) spectrum band, is also used by television for outside broadcasts.

Winning bidder licenses could be issued in late 2012 or early 2013.

4G services are expected to be able to deliver data download speeds of 100Mbps (100 Mega bytes per second) or possibly more.

With 2G, 3G and potentially 4G services available in the near future perhaps one issue facing the spectrum is capacity as more and more users are browsing the Internet using Internet enabled phones such as Smartphones including the iPhone.

There is conflicting information, as well as differing opinion and reasoning  available as to whether or not capacity is an issue.

If capacity is an issue maybe more of the current spectrum can be freed up as the switchover from analogue broadcasting to digital broadcasting nears the end of the switchover window of 2008 - 2012.

This could perhaps free up spectrum allocation in both the Radio Broadcast and Television Broadcast ranges of the spectrum reducing any capacity issues as these parts of the spectrum could then be used for Mobile Telephone frequency provisioning.

Update: 4G is now so close - you may like to also read our article 4G What Is It


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