Virtual Network Asda Mobile To Move To Everything Everywhere Real Network.

Virtual mobile phone network provider Asda Mobile is planning to move its services from real network provider Vodafone to the real network provider Everything Everywhere from October 2013.

Our article Networks, Real Or Virtual explains about Real and Virtual networks.

Everything Everywhere is the result of a merger between Orange and T-Mobile.

Asda began its own brand mobile phone service in April 2007 utilising the services and infrastructure of Vodafone.

The change to Everything Everywhere - EE -by Asda is part of a bigger partnership between the two companies.

The move to Everything Everywhere - EE - will allow Asda Mobile to expand into monthly contract deals, as opposed to SIM-only and pre-pay deals that have been on offer by Asda Mobile up until the new agreement.

The new deal will also see public Wi-Fi access in all of Asda's 560+ stores as well as Asda's Leeds head office.

Asda employees will also see additional mobile services.

Some businesses are developing the use of iPads in order to assist company staff in carrying out their functions through using portable devices - to this end Everything Everywhere is believed to have supplied Asda employees with 600+ Apple iPads.

This will allow Asda staff to access work related applications while directly on the "shop floor" as opposed to having to go back into an office and use an office based computer.

This is believed to have so far saved the equivalent of 7 hours that would have been spent by staff walking back-and-forth to office computers.

The change is expected to take place at the end of November 2013.

There appears to be a transition period under certain circumstances - which the author of this news article finds a little ambiguous.

If you currently use ASDA mobile the author of this news article recommends visiting the FAQs mentioned below, and / or contact ASDA as soon as possible so that your transition runs as smoothly as possible.

Naturally, if you are currently using ASDA mobile you will have some questions regarding your service and what will be required of you in order to continue using ASDA mobile.

ASDA have produced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list which may provide the answers you are looking for.