Lebara Mobile Partners With MasterCard.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Lebara has partnered with MasterCard to provide a two card Prepaid credit card.

Lebara Mobile focuses on the migrant community.

This partnership between Lebara, MasterCard, and the Newcastle Building Society, forms Lebara Money, allowing customers to have two linked cards.

This partnership expands on Lebara focusing on migrant workers by providing cheap calls to family and friends back in their hone countries.

A one off fee of £14.90p applies to the cards - international withdrawals are free to until 30 June 2011.

Competitive exchange rates will apply.

The cards are aimed at providing various financial services for the migrant communities.

The principle of operation is that one card is held by the migrant while the other card is held by a friend, or family member.

The migrant worker for example, is able to put money onto his, or her, card and this money can then be transferred to the friend's, or family member's, card for their use - to either withdraw or use to buy products.

Money can be put onto their card at over 35 000 PayPoint or Post Office locations, as well as via debit card online or over the telephone.

The friend's, or family member's card can be used to buy products and services, that accept MasterCard payments,

The Lebara MasterCard can be applied for from the Lebara website.

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