Nokia And Microsoft Form Partnership.

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia and software developer Microsoft are believed to have entered into a partnership.

The partnership will see the two companies bringing together their own respective strengths - phone hardware and phone software.

The Nokia - Microsoft partnership will see Nokia releasing mobile phones which operate using Windows powered Smartphones.

With Windows functionality and Nokia's renowned quality it is believed that Nokia's Camera features will see even further advancements.

Microsoft's touchscreen displays must, according to Microsoft, be used in all Windows Phone 7 devices but if Nokia is able to install a QWERTY keypad - this combined versatility should make such phones appealing to a very wide range of users.

Microsoft also requires that phone manufacturers use Bluetooth 2.1 in all Windows phones but with the latest Nokia phones using Bluetooth 3.0, Nokia will perhaps be hoping that Bluetooth 3.0 will make it onto Windows Phones.

While Nokia and Microsoft both produce hardware and software, perhaps with Nokia being particularly expert in hardware, and Microsoft being particularly expert in software, this combination will see experts coming together to produce some top products.

Nokia and Microsoft will, perhaps, have a vested interest in their own products - hardware and software - being used and promoted, where one partner is perhaps behind the other the stronger partner will be able to take the lead.

This will allow phenomenal leaps and bounds forward in terms of their own combined products, but will also help Nokia to keep ahead of their competitors.

The result should be a range of not only improved applications that were already used on Nokia handsets, but also completely new, additional, applications being installed.

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