Orange and T-Mobile have combined to form one of the United Kingdom's largest Mobile Telephone Networks, with an estimated 30 million subscribers / customers.

The merger is known as Everything Everywhere - EE - with Orange and T-Mobile being wholly owned by Everything Everywhere.

Everything Everywhere began operations on May 11th 2010.

Everything Everywhere will also be one of the first United Kingdom mobile phone networks to be introducing 4G services - this will be referred to as 4GEE.

With 30 million subscribers, or customers, representing approximately half of the United Kingdom population, this makes Everything Everywhere the biggest Mobile Phone Network in the United Kingdom.

While maintaining a degree of pre-merger branding - that is we shall still see advertising for, and promotion of, Orange and T-Mobile as trading entities, there are also reported advantages taking shape for subscribers of Orange and subscribers of T-Mobile.

Subscribers, or customers, of Orange and T-Mobile are able to sign up, free of charge, for access to the other network with no alteration to their existing tariffs. For example, there will be no change to existing call or text charges.

Once signed up for access to the other network - that is, Orange's customers accessing T-Mobile network, and T-Mobile customers accessing Orange's Network, should a subscriber lose signal on their present network and a signal is present from the other network, it will be possible to automatically pick up that signal from the other network.

If you are on Orange and an Orange signal is not present but a T-Mobile signal is present then your call will be routed through T-Mobile. Likewise, if you are on T-Mobile, if a T-Mobile signal is not present but an Orange signal is present, your call will be routed through the Orange network - either way, there will be no additional call charges for "crossing" between T-Mobile to Orange or Orange to T-Mobile.

The advantage of this will be that signal presence, and hence call and text ability, will be available over a greater area than perhaps was possible before the merger.

As the merger progresses, and network improvements roll out, there may be the possibility that during 2011 automatic switching could occur during a call whereby the network with the strongest signal at the time of the call will carry that call without interruption to the call.

All customers, or subscribers, can benefit from signing up whether you by Pay As You Go ( PAYG ), Business, or Pay Monthly.

Customers, or subscribers, of either Orange or T-Mobile who are interested in signing up to inter-network (Orange / T-Mobile) access and improvements should contact their respective Network - that is, T-Mobile customers should contact T-Mobile, and Orange customers should contact Orange.

As the merger develops it is anticipated that further subscriber benefits will be trialled and rolled out, such as data access and data transfer capabilities.

News article update 27 November 2010:

As a progression of the Orange T-Mobile merger 6 dual branded stores have opened in the following locations:

  1. Bridgend;
  2. Dorchester;
  3. Hertford;
  4. Palmers Green;
  5. Tooting;
  6. Weston-Super-Mare.

Each store will display promotions from Orange and T-Mobile where three of the stores focus on T-Mobile and three focus on Orange, the three T-Mobile stores will however display Orange promotions. Likewise, the three Orange stores will display T-Mobile promotions.

The host will never-the-less be taking a lead.


EE (formerly: Everything Everywhere) is now part of BT (British Telecommunications) after a merger in 2016.

EE + BT - Better as one

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