According to Mobile Phone users in the United Kingdom "waste" £6 Billion per year by being on the wrong Mobile Phone contract.

Broadly, there are three ways (or a combination of two or more of three ways) you as a mobile phone user can be on a contract which is wrong for your needs.

A contract typically consists of the following parameters:

  • Length of contract - typically measured in months;
  • Number of inclusive texts per month;
  • Number of inclusive talk-time minutes per month;
  • Amount of inclusive data per month - typically measured in Gigabytes (GB/month).

The three instances where you may be spending more than you need to are (your "overspend" could be attributable to any one or more of these three reasons):

  • You consistently send significantly less texts than your monthly text(s) limit;
  • You spend significantly less minutes talking on calls than your monthly calls / minutes limit;
  • You use (download) significantly less data than your monthly data limit.

According to United Kingdom users are spending a total of £4.32 Billion on allowances that are never reached. Or an average of £164 per person, per year. You want that as an average per person per month - the author of this article has worked it out for you as £13.66p per month to the average user.

Or, alternatively, a user consistently sends more texts, spends more minutes talking, and / or downloads significantly more data than their plan allows - this excess being charged at, perhaps, a higher rate than if on a more appropriate plan. tells us that 8 million United Kingdom users fall into this second category, wasting £1.66 Billion per year. Wasted, in that this could remain in your own pocket if you were on a more appropriate contract to your usage.

So, perhaps the question you ask now is along the lines of: "So how do I know what I am using ?"

If you are an Android mobile phone user, there may well be an application to assist you.

CarPhoneWarehouse have released an Android Application - aptly named Bill Angel.

What exactly is Bill Angel ?

Bill Angel is an Android mobile phone application, currently free, which lets you track your call, text and data usage.

You are able to set alerts - enter your limits, and Bill Angel will alert you when you are at or near your corresponding limit.

Bill Angel, as far as the author of this article is aware, won't stop you from going over your limits - this simply lets you know you are at or near the limit - letting you decide whether to stop calling, texting or downloading - as appropriate - or whether to continue regardless.

Bill Angel is apparently easy to install and set-up - once installed Bill Angel will automatically track your usage, just tell the application what time frames you want it to track then simply enter your monthly allowances for calls, texts and data to set the alerts.

This application could benefit you whether you consistently go over your limits, or are consistently below your limits.

Either way - this could help you to choose a more appropriate contract.

The author of this article has read, but been unable to confirm the accuracy of this statement, that one drawback is that if you send a text greater than 160 characters (for example 200 characters) which the author knows will be sent as two texts because of the 160 character limit on a single text - will be interpreted by Bill Angel as one text - when it really should count it as, in this example, 2 texts.

Where can you get this application:

Bill Angel - From CarPhoneWarehouse.