Facebook Applications Built For Your Mobile Phone

Many people, and indeed businesses, actively use social website Facebook to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, family, and customers.

Facebook helps people - young and old, school friends, work colleagues, and family, find each other again and "get back in touch" whether they be just around the corner, or on the other side of the globe.

Do you ever think "wonder what my old school friend is up to" - where are they living, what are they doing ?

Perhaps, if you are reading this article, you are already familiar with Facebook.

Many on-line businesses are aware that their users, and potential users, are forever mobile.

To keep their business up-to-date with trends - to keep up-to-date with their users, and potential users, these businesses are becoming increasingly accessible to those users who use Portable devices - Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs) (sometimes referred to as Personal Digital Assistants).

Facebook is no exception.

Facebook has a number of Applications (Apps) to make users experiences while on the move more user friendly - and indeed user possible.

As perhaps can be expected - these applications require a web- or Internet-enabled device such as Nokia phone, Sony Ericsson phone, BlackBerry phone, Windows phone, Android phone, iPhone, or Palm.