How To Resources For Using Your Mobile Device.

Here at we are always trying to think of ways to help you get the most from your Mobile Phone or Mobile Device.

Over time we propose to create our own "How To . . . " articles, including "How To . . . " Videos.

Creating How To . . . articles and videos to cover every application available, for every make and model of mobile phone and mobile device is a massive undertaking.

Rather than let you, our patient visitor, wait any longer for even our first in-house produced "How to . . . " article, or video, we would like to share with you these two "How-To . . ." resources which we have found.

1) O2 Guru TV have recently launched a series of "How To . . ." videos on their YouTube Channel which was launched on about the 15 April 2011.

O2 Guru Tv has a wide selection of videos - some are, perhaps understandably, focused on O2 services.

Many other O2 Guru videos however relate to your mobile phone or mobile device irrespective of which Network you may be connected to.

You might like to visit the O2 Guru Videos.

2) The second "How-To . . ." video based resource is brought to you by the CarphoneWarehouse.

The CarphoneWarehouse has produced their own YouTube "Channel" - called Eyeopeners.

For Technical Tips and Advice from experts you might like to give them a visit - whether you want tips and advice on mobile phone Functionality, Applications, Set Up, Demonstrations, and Website usage (For example Social Networking Websites) on your Mobile phone or mobile device, you are bound to find something useful.

Whether you have had your mobile phone or device for sometime, have a new phone or device, or anticipate purchasing a new mobile phone or mobile device in the near future you can, perhaps, use these videos to help you get the most out of your device.

Of course, if you anticipate purchasing a new device - these videos can help you to decide which handset to get and give an indication of how to do what you need to do, and how easy (or difficult) it is to get the most out of your device - before you even purchase your new pride-and-joy. feels that these resources are worthy of mention but we state that we are not in any way rewarded, or influenced, by O2, or The CarphoneWarehouse in placing this article here.

Never-the-less we hope that in visiting O2 Guru Channel, and / or the CarphoneWarehouse EyeOpeners Channel, you might find a useful "How To . . . " solution for your needs.