How To Unlock Your Blackberry With Your MEP ID.

You can now unlock pretty much any BlackBerry mobile phone for free, including the BlackBerry Curve,  Bold,  Pearl, and pretty much any other BlackBerry mobile phone handset.

To unlock your BlackBerry for free, you will need your IMEI number and MEP ID, this short video clip below - produced by GiffGaff, shows you how to get these.

Make sure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and BlackBerry Reader - both of which can be downloaded.

When using the BlackBerry reader - make sure your BlackBerry Desktop manager is not running in the background.

If you do not see your IMEI and MEP ID after a minute or two, unplug your USB cable and then plug it back in.

Viewing the video below will help you to unlock your Blackberry.

SIMsurprise hopes that you enjoy this video.