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It gives pleasure that can announce that we are now served over HTTPS

Our upgrade to use HTTPS has been in place for a few weeks now as we have carried out site tests and neccessary adjustments in order to be fully HTTPS compliant.

Why use HTTPS ?

HTTPS (S = Secure) provides many benefits both to our website visitors and of course to us.

HTTPS means that all communication between your web browser and this website is encrypted.

Secure means that visitor information such as registration form data (the information you enter into registration forms), forgot/reset password form(s), forgot username form(s), information entered into any message sent to us - for example in Contact form(s), logging into our website via the Login form(s) such as your Username and Password - is all encrypted. This data will only mean anything to You and our website.

If you ever make online purchases we recommend that you only use websites, and payment processors, that use HTTPS as this will significantly improve you financial data security such as credit card numbers.

Tip: methods of determining if the website and/or the individual page you are using is secure is to type the website URL beginning with HTTPS and once on site you should see a green padlock symbol in the web address bar. If you are visiting a website or webpage via a favourites / bookmark look for the green padlock symbol in the website address bar.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us tab on the site main menu.

Thank you for visiting.
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