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At we like to offer transparency in all that we do.

It has been over four-and-a-half years since brought a site Forum for visitors to use to seek and offer help, advice, tips and have a general "chit-chat" .

It is with regret that the Forum has been severely lacking in visitor utilisation.

In fact, no one at all used the Forum except Site Management in the form of Site Announcements. Such as this one.

On that basis we have decided to temporarily suspend (retire) the public facing areas where public contributions could be made by Registered users.

Writing "Topics" "Posts" "Questions" "Replies" and the like on your Forum was the only area of where user registration was a requirement.

Because of the semi-retirement of your Forum (we shall use it to make Site Announcements, or present "Site News" if you wish to call it that) there is no longer a current site requirement to accept User Registrations.

Registration attempts on were from visitors who had no legitimate need to do so (they were not attempting to register to use the forum, or the site, genuinely and legitimately). On that basis we are also suspending the ability for Registration.

We hope you will understand the actions we take and our reasons for taking them.

These decisions will be reviewed over time, and may be reversed in due course if feedback via other channels determines this to be the case.


The team.
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