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This announcement is to inform You of some changes to the way "works" due to changes in regulations

This regulation is referred to as: GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations.

Full compliance will be achieved by making further changes and updates to Our Website.

Here at simsurprise We believe in transparency and visitor rights to know what data is collected and how the site visitors can access that data and what they can do with it.

Regulatory or not - we would still endeavour to provide transparency and user rights.

To achieve that transparency and access We have done four things:

1) Allow user registration;
2) Move our Contact form to be only accessible to registered users who are logged in;
3) Provide updated Terms and Conditions Policy and also updated Our Privacy and Cookies Policy;
4) Provide Our users access to their data, and to be able to make deletions of certain data;

Our "Contact" form is now only accessible to registered users who are logged in.

This is due to legislation requiring us to be able to provide users with access to their data.

Submitting Our Contact form - by that very action - is sending Us certain data. We declare what that data is and how You can access it and what You can do with that data.

Our Website Terms and Conditions Policy and our Privacy and Cookie Policy have been updated to inform you what data we collect and store, as well as how you can access, download, and delete that data.

We hope that these changes will be viewed as a step in the right direction towards transparency and User rights.


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