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This announcement is to let you know that we here at have updated the format that our site URLs (links) take.

This is a big change that will make our website much more user friendly, particularly in terms of how our URLs (links) look like.

Regular site visitors may have noticed that our article categories and the majority of articles contained a unique numerical value (ID) at the beginning of the category title in the link or web address bar of your browser and another unique numerical value at the beginning of each article title in the URL (link) / web address bar.

This was not particularly user friendly.

These unique numerical values (IDs) have now been removed.

We are using a much more modern URL routing structure.

However - this has meant we have needed to put redirects into place so that you do not encounter the dreaded "404 page not found" notice.

The redirects will take you from the URL that contains the unique numerical IDs, to the corresponding URL that does not have the unique numerical ID.

Inevitably - there may be a few that have escaped our attention.

We can do two things:

1) We apologise - knowing that seeing the "404 page not found" message can be disappointing. We want to visit a page and it is not there. Actually, it most likely is there/here but we have not redirected it - yet;
2) Over the coming hours and days as we find the URLs that have yet to be redirected - we shall be putting redirects in place so that you will be able to follow links to your desired page(s).

We would very much like to thank you for visiting, and politely request that you try to tolerate us while we bring our (and your) website back up to a higher standard.

Thank you from the team.
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