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SimSurprise would like to announce that today, February 18th 2021, we migrated to a different method of giving Users' control over their Data as well as renewing Consent to Data Use as per Our Privacy And Cookie Policy.

When logged-in, users' can navigate to the 'Account' tab in the mainmenu, and then select the 'Data Consent' tab.

On the 'Data Consent' page you can
  1. Review your consent - Yes (agree), or Disagree;
  2. Export your data;
  3. Delete your user account;

Items 2 and 3 above are within the 'Exercise your data rights' panel on the data Consent page.

Please be aware that if a user chooses to Delete their user account - the account will immediately become innaccessible, and account data will be irrevocably lost, for good, forever, without exception - there will be no way whatsover for the account and its associated data to ever be recovered.

Each registered user will be required to agree to, or disagree to, data being collected and processed according to our 'Privacy And Cookie Policy' at least once per 180 days - failure to agree will prevent a logged in user from navigating away from the Data Consent page when consent renewal is required but not agreed to.

Regular reveiw and acceptance is to allow for any changes / updates to our 'Privacy And Cookie Policy' since being last agreed to.

This is to aid site compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Irrespective of any regulations we believe that it should always be a user's right to give / retract consent at any time, export data, and/or delete their user account.

We hope you understand.


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